Cargo Pants Are A Big Trend for 2019

Reviewed this year catwalk collections, we found that cargo pants or combat trousers are the biggest trends of 2019.  Cargo pants always give us an impression to be workwear, military or bellow pockets…etc.  How we can breakthrough and look for new design details? 


The major characteristic of cargo pants is large pockets on the outer thigh, it was originally designed for soldiers, in order to hold field dressings, maps and small weapons.  A battle uniform was first worn by members of the British Armed Forces in 1938, then it was introduced to the United States in the mid-1940s during World War II.


Nowadays, cargo pants still keep large pockets but they become fashionable icon more than functional.  In this season, we select cargo pants with some design details at pocket and hem.

81162W Grey Side Pocket Cargo 81162W Grey Side Pocket Cargo

Bellow pocket with faux paper label, looks like vintage shipping mark (Style: 81162W)


8855W Black Joggers with Tape

A pocket with long tape, highlighted with contrast color tape (Style: 8855W)


9318S Black Shorts with Buckle

A patch pocket with buckle (Style: 9318S)


You may find that our all cargo hems are adjustable, either with drawstrings or elastic or button, they are different from traditional straight leg, let you can wear in normal length or adjust to cropped length in order to show up featuring socks.

81162W Black Side Pocket Cargo

Adjustable drawstrings hems (Style: 81162W)


8403S Orange Cropped Cargo

Adjustable hems with buttons (Style: 8403S)


9340S Grey Patchwork Cargo

Elastic hems (Style: 9340S)



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