See More... Heirs of the Dragon "龍的傳人"

[龍的傳人]: means Heirs of the Dragon

In Chinese, dragons are different from Western mythology.  They not only are lucky creatures that bring a good year for people, but also they are regarded as a symbol of power and royal dignity in China.

According to Chinese myths, a dragon is the combination of nine animals.  It has a lobster's eyes, a deer's horns, an ox's mouth, a canine's nose, a catfish's whiskers, a lion's mane, a snake's tail, a fish's scales and an eagle's claws.

Dragons were once worshipped by ancestors of the Chinese people as their origin. The Han people has considered the dragon as the symbol of their nationality. Therefore, Chinese people always calls themselves as 'descendants of the dragon'.

91123S Black, White "Heirs of the Dragon 龍的傳人" Tee 

91123S Black White "Heirs of the Dragon 龍的傳人" Tee

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