Skatewear entered the mainstream……

From 1990s street culture was back, until nowadays skatewear is everywhere, it seems to be entered the mainstream of mens fashion.

Skatewear has always represented a pair of thick twill trousers and hoodie, which shown protective function.  How we can balance the most comfortable and hard-wearing, also we can be the most fashionable? 

Here we go…I would like to share 4 key skatewear pieces.

1) T-shirt

T-shirt = skatewear, believed it is an indisputable fact, normally, we always wear logo tee, but now we like graphic print tee, even Chinese character print like as popular tatoo.

9199S Black Men"Spirit" Print Tee

Style: 9199S Black Men "Spirit" Print Tee (Graphic Print Tee)


9184S Yellow Monsters Exist "怪獸出沒" Tee

Style: 9184S Yellow Monsters Exist "怪獸出沒" Tee (Chinese Character Print Tee)


 2) Hoodies

Hoodies are a skate staple, either you are actual skater or not, you wear the piece of a natural fit for you, and try to mix with smart cropped trousers and sneakers in order to achieve more balanced aesthetic.


 8777W Grey Green Pouch Pocket Hoodie

Solid color hoodie is basic skatewear, Style: 8777W Grey Green Pouch Pocket Hoodie


 8794W Yellow Layer Effect Hoodie

Layering hoodie is an alternative eye-catching style, Style: 8794W Yellow Layer Effect Hoodie


3) Trousers

For a real skaters, they want trousers with a little more room because they have a practical move.  Cargo pants, joggers and straight legs with hems cuffed a few inches are the top pick.

 8403S Orange Cropped Cargo

Style: 8403S Orange Cropped Cargo


81162W Grey Side Pocket Cargo

Style: 81162W Grey Side Pocket Cargo


81191W Khaki Stripe Joggers

Style: 81191W Khaki Stripe Joggers


Regarding our bottom product range, I would like to share in details later.


 4) Accessories

The skate world prioritises function over form, so baseball caps and thick sports socks are most important accessories.  We may wear cropped pants or socks to wrap the trousers hems, in order to show up the whole socks.

 037CI2016 Black Contrast Color Strap Cap

Style: 037CI2016 Black Contrast Color Strap Cap


125CI2018 Red "Onward" Embroidery Cap

Style: 125CI2018 Red "Onward" Embroidery Cap


926AI2018 White Chinese Words Socks926AI2018 White Chinese Words Socks

Style: 926AI2018 White Chinese Words Socks


Except cap and socks, there is a room for a few embellishments with ring, necklace and bracelet.

665AI2018 Silver Steel Necklace

Style: 665AI2018 Silver Steel Necklace


631AI2018 Silver Steel Bracelace

Style: 631AI2018 Silver Steel Bracelace


658AI2018 Gold Steel Ring

Style: 658AI2018 Gold Steel Ring

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