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‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’, by the Netherlandish Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder, painted in 1562

This work depicts the first confrontation between Good and Evil, there was a war in heaven.

Before the Fall of Man, the most powerful angel, Lucifer (or "light-bearer") turns upon the divine authority. Then, he is chased from heaven by Archangel Michael upon God's orders, as the result, bringing about the fall of the other rebel angels.  After that, these rebel angels are transformed into demons and are condemned to the pits of darkness.

At our childhood, we learnt “Good” is like as White; “Evil” is like as Black, it was simple so much to distinguish.  After grow up, Good & Evil and Reality & Fact become blurry or chaos, such like this work, it may be caused from human weakness or greedy.  I think…. the best way is to work by heart, logic and conscience, I believed all will become clear and better more.

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