See More... Positive Loser "積極廢人"

[積極]: means positive.

[廢人]: means loser.

Above term has been so much popular in Chinese internet recently.  Literally, it is so confusing, its actual meaning refers somebody who would like to mark something as "flag" as priority list, but they never follow up.  Although their mentality is positive, their action is meaningless.  Moreover, they often panic after intermittent pleasure, and often blame themselves for their laziness.


I think......other scenario......somebody has paid more afford on task or work, but the result is still fail or can't achieve initial goal, in fact, lose or win is affected by many factors, such as timing or conditions...etc., therefore, we should enjoy the process, richen our life experience may be more important than the result.

925AI2018 Apricot, Orange "Positive Loser 積極廢人" Socks 

925AI2018 Apricot "Positive Loser 積極廢人" Socks925AI2018 Orange "Positive Loser 積極廢人" Socks

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